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past events

    26.05.2023Fire! Orchestra Echoes Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden info
    25.05.2023Fire! Orchestra Echoes Pardon To Tu, Warszawa, Poland info
    24.05.2023Fire! Orchestra Echoes Pardon To Tu, Warszawa, Poland info
    22.05.2023Fire! Orchestra Echoes Fest Stadsgårdsterminalen, Stockholm, Sweden info
    17.07.2022Fire! A.O. Kontinent Dalsland, Dalsland, Sweden info
    14.07.2022Fire! A.O. Kontinent Dalsland, Dalsland, Sweden info
    03.07.2022Fire! Tranzac Main Hall, Toronto, Canada info
    02.07.2022Fire! Vancouver Jazz Festival, Vancouver, Canada info
    01.07.2022Fire! Vinyl Envy, Fifty Fifty Arts, Victoria, Canada info
    30.06.2022Fire! The Queens, Nanaimo, Canada info
    28.06.2022Fire! Edmonton Jazz Festival, Edmonton, Canada info
    27.06.2022Fire! La Sala Rossa, Montreal, Canada info
    19.06.2022Fire! Ground Music Festival, Brescia, Italy info
    18.06.2022Fire! Orchestra CBA Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia info
    04.06.2022Fire! Defeat Örebro Jazz and Beyond, Örebro, Sweden info
    02.06.2022Fire! Defeat Folk, Gothenburg, Sweden info
    01.06.2022Fire! Defeat Uppsala Konstmuseum, Uppsala, Sweden info
    29.05.2022Fire! Jazz Is Dead Festival, Torino, Italy info
    05.03.2022Fire! Alvesta Jazzklubb, Alvesta, Sweden info
    04.03.2022Fire! Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden info
    03.03.2022Fire! Taverna Brillo, Stockholm, Sweden info
    02.03.2022Fire! Norrköpings Konstmuseum, Norrköping, Sweden info
    07.10.2021Fire! Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden info
    01.08.2021Fire! Jazz em Agosto, Lisbon, Portugal info
    02.05.2020Fire! ZDB, Lisbon, Portugal info
    01.05.2020Fire! Jazz ao Centro Clube, Coimbra, Portugal info
    30.04.2020Fire! Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain info
    29.04.2020Fire! Creative Jazz Fans, Zaporozhye, Ukraine info
    13.09.2019Fire! Orchestra Jazzin’ the Black Forest, Villingen, Germany info
    12.07.2019Fire! Orchestra sommarscen, Malmö, Sweden info
    18.06.2019Fire! Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia info
    12.05.2019Fire! Redon, London, United Kingdom info
    11.05.2019Fire! Alhambra Festival Jazz Vic, Vic, Spain info
    05.05.2019Fire! Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium info
    04.05.2019Fire! Platform, Glasgow, United Kingdom info
    03.05.2019Fire! Bray Jazz, Bray, Ireland info
    27.04.2019Fire! Soddjazz, Inderøy, Norway info
    26.04.2019Fire! Folk, Gothenburg, Sweden info
    25.04.2019Fire! Studenterhuset, Aalborg, Denmark info
    24.04.2019Fire! Westwerk, Hamburg, Germany info
    23.04.2019Fire! ALICE, Copenhagen, Denmark info
    31.03.2019Fire! Always Lounge, New Orleans, United States info
    30.03.2019Fire! Epistrophy Arts, Austin, United States info
    28.03.2019Fire! Blank Forms, New York, United States info
    27.03.2019Fire! Ars Nova Workshop, Philadelphia, United States info
    26.03.2019Fire! Rhizome, Washington, United States info
    25.03.2019Fire! Sugar Maple, Milwaukee, United States info
    24.03.2019Fire! Hungry Brain, Chicago, United States info
    22.03.2019Fire! Big Ears, Knoxville, United States info
    16.12.2018Fire! Dk Metallurgoy, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine info